Educational Chess Da Vinci Chess and Art Summer Camp 2009

Hello, chess enthusiasts!

 This summer is going to be a fun one. I have waited a long time for this  and I finally united my two passions and included my favorite artists of all times- and created the Da Vinci Chess and Art Camp. The marriage of my two passions is now complete at last!
Yes, it appears that  Da Vinci- known for his famous art and inventions had in interest in chess, too.  And that is no surprise to me. Chess is both an art and a science. And Da Vinci was both an artist and a scientist. So, now you know why he is my favorite artist, too!
So, it is going to be a great an innovative camp, and we will have lots of fun and learn at the same time. I divided the camp into two age groups: 6-12 and 13-18. The camps are a week long each (five days), and they are half-day. Morning or afternoons. The first part part of the each camp day is going to be about chess and the second is about art and innovative ideas a la Da Vinci.  Creativity and innovative thinking are what makes this camp fun and unique!

For detailed information and registration, please visit the Educational Chess camp page

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